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Service Department

24 Hour

Territorial has a core group of qualified Master and Red Seal Electricians ready to address your business electrical related needs. Our service personnel are available for maintenance calls 24/7. If you have a small project we would be happy to provide a quote as well.

Call us today to discuss your needs or request service below:

We can help you with:

  • Equipment connections
  • New equipment installation
  • Data cabling
  • Electric car charger installations
  • General maintenance
  • Fire Alarm system support

Our team can provide direct customer support on and off site, tailored around individual customer needs. We are accustomed to adapting site conditions, hours of operation and working with sensitive equipment in a variety of conditions any time of the year. We hold standard WHMIS, Aerial Platform, Fall protection and First Aid Certifications. Our service vehicles are equipped with standard construction PPE, Level 2 Arc Flash protective gear. A variety of differently sized step ladders and we stock commonly sized electrical materials.

Infrared Scanning

We offer Thermal Image Scanning (Thermography) which provides the following benefits to your preventative maintenance program:

  • Identify hot spots – trouble spots are located before there’s a failure
  • Identifies overload situations
  • Can help prevent electrical fires and system damage

This state-of-the-art technology provides4 you with the trouble shooting tools you need to safeguard your systems. Our reports will provide recommendations toward resolving an existing problem.

Bucket Truck Services

Our firm employs two bucket trucks with working heights up to 45 feet. We will gladly quote you on your parking lot upgrades to LED or even a single light in a hard to reach location.

Lighting Upgrades

Territorial can provide lighting analysis and cost benefit recommendations. Whether you are looking for a full LED conversion of your facility or a simple one light replacement. There are many reasons to consider a lighting upgrade:

Energy Savings

The most obvious and immediate benefit to retrofitting an outdated lighting system is to reduce lighting costs and related expenses. By upgrading lighting components to more efficient and advanced technologies, LED lighting retrofits can cut down on energy consumption, and lower energy bills, while maintaining light levels and quality. Upgraded lighting tech can also offer employees greater control over the lighting of their workspace, which may provide additional energy savings, and increase employee satisfaction.

Improved Lighting Quality

Lighting retrofits can improve lighting quality by targeting areas with pre-existing problems and using specific design considerations to overcome common lighting issues. Using newer technologies can potentially add increased reliability to your lighting system, causing fewer short-term lighting-quality issues. In addition to added reliability, newer tech often provides better lighting characteristics, such as greater light output, improved color, reduced flicker, less glare, etc.

Reduced Maintenance and Labor

Most energy-efficient lighting retrofits also curtail maintenance costs. Improvements in lighting technology has led to the increased lifetimes of lighting components, which result in fewer failures, and lengthens the time between required maintenance.

Environmental Benefits

A considerable amount of electricity is produced in generation plants via the combustion process, adding literal tons of pollutants to the atmosphere, which contribute to global warming, acid rain, and other environmental problems. By consuming less electricity, facilities can help reduce the demand and harmful emissions, such as CO2 and SO2, associated with “off-site” power generation.

A lighting upgrade can be one of the easiest ways to meet your energy targets.